Researcher grand prix Oslo

Researcher grand prix (Forsker grand prix) is an event where 10 researchers are given 4 minutes each on stage to present their research in front of a wide audience.

Afterwards they will be judged by the audience, equipped with hand-held remotes for audience response, and a panel of judges that will award the participants with points and state their reasons for giving them on the basis of their individual fields (academia, media and performing arts).

This year’s dissemination competition for doctoral students takes place 26 September.

The candidates have 4 minutes each to engage the audience who in the end will decide who wins. The winner will be awarded “Oslo and Akershus’ Best Communicator of Research” and will receive a travel scholarship.The top two candidates will continue to the national finale in Tromsø 29. September.

Candidates for the Researcher Grand Prix

The application deadline for the participation in the Oslo finale of the Researcher Grand Prix is 9 May. The candidates will be presented during May.


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